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Investment activity

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We invite investors to cooperation

Important investors!

Allow me to present to you the annual document – "the Investment climate of the municipality "Kizilyurt City", prepared on the basis of the" Investment strategy of the municipality "Kizilyurt city "until 2020" and developed taking into account the new tasks set before us By the head of the Republic of Dagestan.

Despite the sanctions against Russia, which create serious foreign economic risks and can not but affect the investment activity of the urban district, work continues to create a favorable climate for investment.

The town of Kizilyurt is one of the most promising municipalities of the Republic of Dagestan, has great investment potential and significant competitive advantages. Favorable location, beautiful nature, favorable climate, helps us to maintain the status of an attractive city for investors.

The main objective of the investment policy of the city district-the formation of a favorable investment climate, increasing the investment attractiveness of the city, ensuring the growth of investment activity of economic entities, contributing to the acceleration of the socio-economic development of the city as a whole.

It is important to note that this year significant results have been achieved in the formation of a favorable investment climate, but it is not necessary to calm down. It is necessary to move forward and plan for the future.

According to the main indicators of socio-economic development "Kizilyurt" occupies a leading position in many areas and looks worthy against other cities of the Republic of Dagestan.

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